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How The Weatherworks and its affiliated companies (Mathworks Tutoring, MyTutorworks and The Learningworks Foundation) all have a common goal - help kids of all ages enjoy learning . In this context, even teachers can be "kids."

The How The Weatherworks principals (H. Michael "Mike" Mogil and Barbara G. Levine) accomplish this through their extensive hands-on outreach activities (weatherfests, family science days, weather camps, hurricane awareness programs, tutoring activities, school and library programs and teacher training activities). Recently, Barbara and Mike led an 11-day high school, earth science focused, field study across Arizona.

How The Weatherworks also fosters internships in which students interested in meteorology have a chance to "work" meteorology even before they set foot at a college or university. Some students continue their internship while they are at college. Mike often presents at the American Meteorological Society's Student Conference, an event targeted at upper level college students.

They also have a proven track record in publishing. Mike and Barbara have authored two books showcasing easy-to-do, home-based weather activities; and two more about extreme weather. They have also created several cloud and weather posters, cloud flash cards and cloud postcards. If you must have a weather tee-shirt showing a satellite view of a hurricane, they've created that, as well.

Mike routinely publishes weather-based articles at (National Weather, Southwest Florida Weather, and Learning). Over the years, including his work at several companies and while supporting weather pages at several newspapers, Mike has penned more than 1000 weather stories.

Mike, Matt, and Barbara are avid photographers. Their images have graced numerous books and one of Mike's images found it's way onto a U.S. postage stamp.

How The Weatherworks also provides forensic weather services to attorneys and insurance companies.

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