About Historical Weather Events

Much like those who love to keep and/or study sports records, many meteorologists and climatologists thrive on showcasing weather and short-term climatic records.  The web is filled with many sites that provide such records.  Unfortunately, not all of these sites are well-researched and many may include  poor or exaggerated descriptions.

This catalog of historic weather events will be based on reliable data from a myriad of sources (NWS, NCDC – now NEIC, USGS, USFS and FEMA to name a few).  Each record will include a reference to the agency or organization which provided the event information.

Further, the site is fully searchable (date, location, event, category).

New and old records will be added until there are at least 5 to 10 entries for each date.

As always, if you find some questionable data or if you have an event that you believe should be added, please let us know.

H. Michael “Mike” Mogil, CCM, CBM, DMS

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