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We know that "learning" (an internally-focused effort) is more important than "education" (a situation in which someone spoon-feeds someone else information). That’s the reason we created The Learningworks Foundation, Inc. (a 501c3 corporation).

This Foundation is driven to foster learning across all disciplines through various programs and activities. We envision extensive collaboration among private sector companies, learning institutions (preschool through college and beyond), other not-for-profits, and others.

National Weather Camp Program

The Learningworks Foundation, Inc. coordinates and helps publicize the National Weather Camp Program (NWXCP) .

The NWXCP is designed to ensure that students with an interest in weather (and/or related science fields) have a place to go to reinforce this interest and grow in weather knowledge and skills.

Each, of the roughly 15 campsites operating nationwide, functions as an independent entity. This includes curriculum, operating procedures, cost, and more.

Fundraising and Grants

Please donate, so we can fund our camp program nationwide.

Would you be willing to donate and help foster learning experiences? We hope so. That's because we currently have three crowd-sourcing efforts underway:

  • National Weather Camp Program (NWXCP) - funds needed to pay for the expenses of one or more high school or middle school weather campers to attend camp and/or after-camp programs and activities.

  • Tutoring Support Services Program (TSSP) - needy students (as determined by a Naples area social services agency) would receive discounted or free tutoring services. We hope to establish this early in 2018.

  • Southwest Florida Science Experience (SFSE) - funds would be used to create and host an event showcasing how science is used in businesses, in schools, and by individuals across Collier and Lee Counties in southwest Florida. The event would be open to the general public.

We also accept donations directly. Please make checks payable to The Learningworks Foundation (address atop page).

Community Outreach

The Learningworks Foundation, Inc., coordinates and provides advice to sites within the National Weather Camp Program (NWXCP). Our longer-term goal is to establish a funding source for each of the camps and as many campers as possible.

This includes after-camp activities such as supporting travel to attend national weather conferences where students can interact with weather scientists.

We also plan to hold a community-wide "Science Experience" for residents of Collier and Lee Counties. Modeled after the highly successful USA Science Expo, the event would showcase how science is used in businesses, in schools, and by individuals in the local area.

Sky Awareness Week

National Sky Awareness Week (SAW) has been held nationwide for more than 20 years.

The event, appearing regularly in Chase's Calendar of Annual Events, stresses the importance of looking up and appreciating the beauty and science of the sky above.

This coming year, we will be working with TV meteorologists and others to showcase cloud photography from across the Nation.