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THEWEATHERMOGIL:: South Florida in 2015 – warm, warmer, and more humid

2015 was the year of record warmth across south Florida (Fig. 1). November, and especially December, 2015 (Fig. 2) were record-setting months, as well. And, on a daily basis, many scores of records were set (Fig. 3).




What is most impressive is the number of record high minimum temperatures that were reported, easily trumping the number of record highs, by a nearly 4:1 ratio.

Since I live in south Florida, I offer an explanation for this.

Lacking cold frontal passages, with the associated intrusion of cooler and DRIER (lower dew point air), nighttime temperatures simply failed to cool down to “reasonable” levels (water vapor is a “Greenhouse Gas.”). With dew points, even in December, remaining in the 70’s on most mornings, it is no surprise that there were so many high minimum temperatures across the south Florida region.

Even without checking, I suspect that high dew points were also at the root of high minimum temperatures across most of the eastern U.S. last year (and in year’s past).

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Originally published 1/2/16

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Some new thinking about climate change

WEATHERTORIAL: A few weeks ago, returning from an AAAS (American Association For The Advancement of Science) Conference in San Jose, CA, I had the pleasure of meeting another conference attendee at a San Jose airport restaurant. The gentleman, a biologist from the University of Wisconsin, recognized me as a conference attendee…To read the entire feature, click here.

Originally published 2/28/15

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The polar vortex returns to the eastern U.S.; an upper ridge dominates weather in the west

If you liked the polar vortex earlier this month, then you’ll definitely like its return this week. Although the polar won’t be quite as far south or quite as cold, it will still make its presence felt. By the way, the only thing of consequence about the “polar vortex” is…To read the entire feature, click here.

Originally published 01/19/14

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Is the polar vortex linked to climate change?

ALERT: This is a weather-torial. The opinions expressed here are mine alone.

Although it has retreated to high latitudes, the so-called “polar vortex” remains in the news. The real “vortex” remains locked in place near the North Pole. Now it’s time for us humans to create our own “polar vortex.”

OMG and right on cue. The White House has just chimed in on…To read the entire feature, click here.

Originally published 01/10/14

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