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Time To Participate in a Weather Survey? (H. Michael Mogil, CCM, CBM, NWA-DS*)

Matt Bolton (my intern graduate and now professional colleague) and I have been discussing, for years, public understanding of weather. The discussion grew out of our hurricane and other research efforts, pre-college-level weather camp programs, and interactions with social scientists at professional weather conferences.

Matt, now a senior at St. Leo University is majoring in psychology and working hard to link social and psychological sciences with the weather sphere.

Toward this end, Matt has just posted a survey (Fig. 1) to further his research into the public’s weather understanding and I’m trying to help him get visibility for this survey. He’d like to have a thousand people or more participate. So, please feel free to take the survey and then share the link to this article (or to the survey directly) with friends, family, colleagues, and others via e-mail, social media and/or other modes. Note that there are no right or wrong answers. Matt would simply appreciate honest answers to the questions.

Anyone 18 years of age or older, living anywhere in the United States, can complete the survey. People with both high and low weather interests are invited to participate.

Here’s the link to the survey (and to a further discussion of the survey’s purpose).  The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete. In advance, on behalf of Matt, I thank you for your involvement.

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Originally posted 12/21/17

* The National Weather Association Digital Seal (NWA-DS) is awarded to individuals who pass stringent meteorological testing and evaluation of written weather content. H. Michael Mogil was awarded the second such seal and is a strong advocate for its use by weather bloggers.