Torrential rainfall pattern to continue across parts of the eastern U.S. (Photos)

The Fourth of July was a day for celebration across the U.S. Independence Day (origin date 1776) featured parades, backyard barbeques and fireworks displays in most locales. Throughout Arizona, but especially in Prescott, it was also a day to remember the firefighters who perished while fighting the Yarnell Hill wildfire. In northwest Florida and nearby parts of southwest Georgia and southeastern Alabama, it was a time to stay dry and begin mopping up from flooding. Some of that flooding (with closed roads and bridges) continues this morning (Jul. 6)…To read the entire feature, click here.

Originally published 7/6/13


West Virginia – Pennsylvania Bow Echo of Jul. 7, 2013 (Photos)

Sunday, Jul. 7, 2013, marked the start of the Howard University Summer Weather Camp program (Washington, DC). As the campers (all with a strong interest in weather) and their families gathered for the welcome session, several campers were already monitoring the development of a bow echo across West Virginia and south-central Pennsylvania. I was monitoring the storm development on my iPhone, as well.

A bow echo can be likened to the wave pattern that develops in the water as a bow of a boat moves forward….To read the entire feature, click here.

Originally published 7/8/13


Dorian moving quickly westward enroute to its demise (Photos)

Dorian, an earlier than expected African – Cape Verde Island storm, set many meteorologists abuzz earlier during the week of July 21-28, 2013. After all, Dorian was the fourth named Atlantic tropical storm of the 2013 hurricane season and arrived about a month ahead of expected climatological schedule (Fig. 1).

However, as so often happens in the tropics, storms need certain ingredients to form and thrive……To read the entire feature, click here.

Originally published on 7/27/13

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Remnants of Dorian Are Heading Out To Sea

Early this Sunday morning (Aug. 4, 2013), Dorian’s remnants were located about 200 miles south of the North Carolina coast and moving northeast out into the open Atlantic.

What is interesting about Dorian’s remnants is just how small an area they cover. Compared to a large thunderstorm complex across the Central Plains, what was once Dorian appears pretty paltry (Fig. 1)…To read the entire feature, click here.

Originally published on 8/4/13