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Hi! I’m H. Michael “Mike” Mogil (a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, Certified Broadcast Meteorologist and holder of the NWA’s Digital Media Seal). Ever since I learned to really write well (a tip of the hat to Dr. William Bonner for this), I have relished the opportunity to share information and opinions. Either on my own or with my wife, Barbara, I have created cloud posters and cloud flash cards, developed two weather-based learning modules, helped the U.S. Postal Service publish a set of cloud stamps and written five weather books. My wife and I also operate a National Weather Camp Program and run the Mathworks Tutoring Center (Naples, FL). I also serve as an expert witness for insurance and legal cases involving weather.

In recent years, I have published articles at examiner.com and then catalogued my writing on this “Learning” WordPress Blog. Entitled “A Catalog of Online Articles about Weather, Math, Learning and More,” I consistently try to explain various weather processes, clarify the meaning of weather words, explain math concepts, throw in an occasional politically-based feature and include other learning opportunities. As I have said over and over again, “education (now likened to spoon-feeding) doesn’t work, but learning (self-directed mental growth) does.”

I may not always get it right, but I am always true to my opinions and scientific evidence. I try to assess problems and situations (by thinking clearly and not rushing to judgment).

I hope you’ll use these articles as a way to build your knowledge base and get your mind to think even more clearly than it does now. I am always open to reader’s comments and would welcome your thoughts about anything I may write.

Please, enjoy!


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