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Mathworks Tutoring, LLC is the parent company for (and power behind) How The Weatherworks, MyTutorWorks and The Learningworks Foundation, Inc. It also serves as the local Naples area provider of tutoring services for students ages 6 to 106. Our Mathworks Tutoring Center is located in the Pelican Strand Shopping Center, across from the Walmart Superstore, at I-75 and Immokalee Road. (map).

Tutoring, although heavily focused on math, addresses student needs across the curriculum. This includes reading and language arts; the sciences; study, organization and test-taking skills; SAT, ACT, LSAT, ASVAB, FCAT and EOC (end of course) tests; and more. For information about SAT and ACT tests (including links to the SAT and ACT web sites; information about the tests; options for full Q & A verification scoring and more, click here.

Our tutors accomplish their tutoring support by keying on individual student needs through our “Totally Tailored Tutoring (T-cubed)”SM approach. This means that tutor-tutee pairing is kept for all tutoring activity in a particular subject(s). While Mathworks guides students to success on the myriad of tests they must take these days, our focus is ALWAYS on understanding the underlying fundamentals, regardless of the study area. Hence, whatever students learn will be transferable to other tests and other settings throughout the rest of their learning years and into adulthood.

Mathworks emphasizes extensive drill and practice, key memorization topics and an emphasis on showing math processes step-by-step and/or explaining any work through bullet points, narrative and/or diagrams. A very high percentage of Mathworks tutees have transformed their learning focus. Some have improved grades and/or scores by large margins; others have transformed their attitude about learning, improved math and/or writing; and/or learned how to really tackle tests (especially those with very tight timing limits).

Mathworks also serves as an ombudsman for families and students within schools (public or private). Here, for example, we advocate for the student, working to gain them accommodations and we work to ensure their placement fits their abilities and skills. We also provide guidance about choosing between SAT and ACT, ensuring that students take the test on the proper date (when possible) to access full test scoring (with questions and answers).

Please contact Mathworks Tutoring, LLC by e-mail or phone us at 239-591-2468 (or 239-529-1200) for information about our programs and available tutoring dates and times.

About Mathworks and its learning family

Mathworks Tutoring, LLC offers a wide range of one-on-one tutoring services in the greater Naples, FL area. In addition, the power of Mathworks Tutoring, LLC drives How The Weatherworks (weather-based learning, consulting and forensics) and MyTutorworks (soon to-be-launched online tutoring services).

The Learningworks Foundation, Inc. (our not-for-profit entity) relies on the Mathworks family and other organizations, agencies and individuals to foster a growing suite of learning experiences.

Each of these four companies provides....