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How The Weatherworks, LLC. is a full-service meteorology company specializing in forensic weather services - the investigation, interpretation and expert witness testimony for various legal and insurance matters. These include, but are not limited to, criminal investigations, automobile accidents, personal injury cases, and property damage. We pride ourselves in being able to take complex weather and related information and translate these into easy-to-understand interpretations, presentations and visualizations at all legal levels from attorney-client through judicial; we accomplish this by successfully blending our expertise in science, communication (presentation and writing), and education.

Specifically, we can
    · help determine and obtain needed official weather records and other data (why order incorrect or unnecessary data?)  
    · interpret official weather records (a must in any case involving official weather reports)  
    · reconstruct weather / visibility conditions at the time and place of an event (even if standard weather reporting stations are not nearby)  
    · provide easy-to-understand reports and testimony, including hard copy and computer-based visualizations, to enhance courtroom presentations  





Meteorologist Mike Mogil (CCM) examines satellite imagery and matches data to highly detailed U.S. Geologic Survey topographic maps. Sometimes pinpointing locations of weather events is crucial.

Satellite, radar, and surface weather maps collectively tell the story of past
weather. Reconstructing weather events can be a painstaking job, so using all appropriate
data sets (not just airport observations) is important.

Meteorologist Mike Mogil (CCM),
retired National Weather Service employee, is well-versed in tracking down and obtaining data sets from various governmental agencies and other sources.

Measuring the volume of a pile of snow and ice in a shopping center parking lot can provide important information for slip and fall cases.

Meteorologist Mike Mogil (CCM) doesn't just sit in his office. As needed, he will
go into the field to obtain measurements and gather other data sets. Here he examines
erosion at a construction site.

 photography by - Matthew Levine

Please contact HOW THE WEATHERWORKS directly for our CV, fees, references, and other information.


 * A Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) is a professional meteorologist who has passed rigorous testing with the American Meteorological Society. A CCM has an in-depth understanding of the atmosphere and its behavior, has the ability to apply this knowledge to a broad range of related activities, and is dedicated to providing services with a strict adherence to the rules of professional conduct.


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