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Does your child need help in math (from basic elementary skills through college level calculus) or language arts (reading, vocabulary, comprehension)? Does your child need help in preparing for the SAT or ACT (math and/or language portions)? Are you preparing for the military's ASVAB test? Are you the parent of a home school student who needs additional math or other subject matter support?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, MATHWORKS (a multi-faceted, personalized tutoring program based in Naples, Florida that also includes comparable tutoring support for language arts and other subjects) can help. Mathworks follows our previously successful (and ongoing) efforts at explaining "how the weather works" and in teaching earth science, physical science and geography. In addition to one-hour or longer "totally tailored tutoring (T-cubed)" SM sessions for students in grades 2 to college, we are also offering focused tutoring (content and test-taking strategies) for FCAT, SAT, ACT and ASVAB. Although our focus lies in math, we have expanded our services in language arts, science and other subjects, as well.

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Our Math Tutoring Center is located across from Gulf Coast High and Laurel Oak Elementary Schools. The site is conveniently located on Immokalee Road about 2 miles east of I-75 (directly behind Dunkin' Doughnuts).

In January or f=February 2012, we hope to launch our online tutoring service under the trade name of MyTutorWorks. We'll be posting more details shortly.

Here are just a few of our recent success stories:

All of these students and many others reported that they were far more confident in their math abilities and more successful in their math classes following tutoring.

In addition, we have two students who earned academic achievement awards during the 2009-2010 school year. Both received focused tutoring at Mathworks. Justin Quevedo has continually improved and now excels in several key academic areas (including math), being named to the school's honor roll for 3 consecutive grading periods. Amber Caraza was a struggling 3rd grader. She was recently recognized for "grade improvement" at her elementary school.

Amber Caraza (3rd grader at Sabal Palm Elementary School) was recognized twice during a recent school awards ceremony. Mom noted that her most important of the two recognitions was for “grade improvement.” Amber has learned math concepts, reading skills and study techniques at Mathworks. Her whole attitude toward school and her self-worth have dramatically improved thanks to the guidance of Mary Ann McKay, her personal tutor. Justin Quevedo is a 9th grader at St. John Neumann High School. Justin netted four academic awards this school year including Certificates of Honor for making honor roll 3 consecutive quarters, having the highest average in English I, - having the highest average in Biology I, and our favorite, having the highest average in Math (Algebra I). Just came to Mathworks several ago, struggling in math. That's obviously not the case now.

Please contact MATHWORKS by E-mail or phone us at 239-591-2468 (or 239-431-5788) for information our programs and available tutoring dates and times.

You can also display and print out our tri-fold brochure for additional information. Sheet 1 Sheet 2

Our SAT and ACT tutoring programs are now completely offered at the one-on-one level. Experience has shown us that this approach yields improved comprehension and focused support. Note that preparation of these tests takes many weeks. And in the case of vocabulary-building, can take many months. It is never too early to get started. Click here to contact us via E-mail or call us at 239-591-2468.

We will be offering an expanded suite of "back-to-school refresher programs" in the summer of 2012. These will involve one week, small group, programs (9:00am - 11:30am or 1:00pm - 3:30pm each day) with students grouped by grade level (through grade 8) or math subject (high school). They are designed to help prepare your child for the math they will be learning when they return to school in August, review material from the previous school year and/or prepare them for make-up or scheduled FCAT testing.

There has also been interest in holding other programs: math refresher classes for parents and various high school/college survival skills. The former would be designed to help parents understand better what their students are learning, explain FCATs, and otherwise help parents improve their own math skills. The latter would address topics such as study skills, time management, plagiarism, and social and fiscal skills, depending upon grade level. If you are interested (either one night a week during the school year or as part of a parent "camp" next summer), please let us know.

Thank you for your interest in our services.

Barbara G. Levine
Teacher (Math and Science Certified)

H. Michael Mogil
Certified Consulting Meteorologist and
National Science Education Consultant and Writer


About MATHWORKS - "Fostering Math Understanding and Success One Student at a Time" SM

Our focus is always on ensuring that students master basic and advanced skills, not only that they are able to take classroom tests, the FCAT, and/or SAT and ACT exams. Passing these tests is obviously important; but we also recognize the value in really understanding and enjoying math and other subjects. We call this "educational ownership."

Our goal is to have students see the connection between math (or other subjects) and their everyday activities, start to look forward to solving math problems (not avoid or fear them) and use math at every opportunity. We are confident that this approach will enable your child to master math more easily and perform even better on their tests than they would just by drill and practice. We work hard to foster this real-life mind set with the students we tutor.

Since math itself is a language (a universal one, in fact), learning its many facets does take interest and effort. We always work with parents and their child to ensure that the tutee works hard in math, undertakes critically important drill and practice assignments and reaps the many rewards of learning and using math. When all participants (child, parents and tutor) collaborate, success is much more likely.

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