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Barbara Levine

Barbara Levine has a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College (Boston, MA) and an M.A. in elementary science and mathematics education from Hood College (Frederick, MD).

She has supervised a day-care pre-school and has taught three, four and five year olds. Barbara taught second grade for three years, before "moving on" in 1998 to third grade at the Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS) in Sandy Spring, MD; during her five years at SSFS, Barbara was also science-math coordinator and technology leader.

In the fall of 2000, she transferred to John Eaton Elementary School (Washington, DC Public Schools) where she served as K-6 Math resource teacher. Upon moving to Naples, FL (2005), she taught 5th grade and then "graduated" to 6th grade where she taught math and earth science. She is gifted, earth science and middle school math certified, as well.

Barbara co-owns and co-operates the Mathworks Tutoring Center where she and husband Mike now have a cadre of tutors helping them tutor upwards of 100 students a year (grades 1 to college) in math, language arts, history, SAT/ACT prep, study and test-taking skills, and other subjects. Barbara is an accomplished writer, having co-authored several articles in the "Geography and Weather" series in Science and Children Magazine and has also co-authored several experiment books, teachers guides and content books about weather.

She has taught many workshops for teachers and young people, including programs at the University of Missouri-Columbia, the Smithsonian Institution, the Maryland Science Center, Loyola College of Baltimore, and NSTA Conventions.

She has also taught middle and high school weather camps for the Learningworks Foundation's National Weather Camp Program (NWXCP). Barbara has also taught special "hands-on science" programs to pre-schoolers. In 1999 she was nominated for Disney's Teacher of the Year Award. In 2006 was among the top 40 finalists in the Collier County (Florida) "Golden Apple" Teacher Recognition Program.