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Matt Bolton

Matt Bolton, a student psychologist in Central Florida, is How The Weatherworks’ Lead Intern. His interests revolve around psychology, meteorology, and photography, but include such varied topics as anthropology and the humanities.

Meteorology has always been a deeply-rooted passion for Matt. In 2008, he began pursuing it, pre-professionally, while in high school. This included intensive self-study weather education, online blogging, and eventually a reaching out to local and national meteorologists. As a high school sophomore, he joined (and became active in) the West Central Florida Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), for which he began to serve in several elected and appointed leadership positions as early as his senior year of high school.

From 2012-2014, he volunteered with a local emergency management office, and in the years prior to that experience, shadowed with the Tampa National Weather Service (NWS) office and local media meteorologists. He was also a weather observer for the Tampa Tribune/Tampa Bay Times, and a blogger for WTSP-TV.

Perhaps most notably, Matt has served as a long-term (now lead) intern with How The Weatherworks since 2010. During the course of his internship, he has facilitated two full redesigns of the How The Weatherworks website, assisted in facilitating weather learning across the country, and, among other things, conducted research into tropical cyclones, color blindness and NWS weather graphics, and links between autism and meteorology. He has presented the results of his research at numerous AMS, National Weather Association (NWA), and American Geophysical Union (AGU) conferences. He is also heavily involved in the National Weather Camp Program run by How The Weatherworks.

Matt is currently serving as a student representative on the NWA's Professional Development and Diversity Committees. As a member of the Professional Development Committee, he works to promote opportunities for professional development in meteorology at all levels, particularly at the pre-college and college levels. As a member of the Diversity Committee, he works broadly to promote higher ethical standards within the weather enterprise, with the end goal of bringing about a more harmonious community. Matt’s work focuses on giving meteorologists a better understanding of various disabilities and learning-affecting conditions and how they relate to the meteorologists’ mission of providing life-saving weather information to the general public.

Matt's weather interest has led him to pursue a semi-professional photography career. His interest in photography grew from years of cloud-watching and, as a result, his photographic pursuits are focused (pun intended!) largely around weather-, nature-, land-, and city- scapes.